Artwork Guidelines

Submitting Artwork

We require 300 dpi (dots per in.) resolution graphics in these formats:

  • EPS
  • PDF
  • Photoshop PSD in grayscale or RGB 300 dpi
  • Adobe Illustrator convert to curves and save as editable .EPS and include
    fonts, sent with file.
  • TIFF
  • MS Word files must be high resolution
  • Hand drawn black and white drawing with dark black pen such as a sharpie
    marker. Colored pens work up to a maximum of 5 colors on dark shirts and 6
    colors (black included) on light shirts.
  • For one color printing jobs save in 100% solid black on a white background,
    sized correctly for your printing job’s specs as a grayscale TIFF
  • For multi colored designs save as RGB TIFF. or JPG. Make sure it’s 300 dpi and
    sized correctly in inches.

You cannot start with a low resolution graphic such as a small jpeg from the
internet and tell Photoshop to increase the resolution to 300 dpi. This makes
the edges of the design appear too choppy. The design must be large enough in
inches and resolution to print out clearly on a laser printer at full size and
remain crisp. If you’re going to scan your own image, set your scanner to scan
in at 300 dpi , max size 11″ x 17″. Save to .TIF or .JPG or .EPS sized to your
correct dimensions for your job.

Examples of dialogue in Photoshop to check the resolution of your graphic:

Example of low resolution setting:

Basic types of printing

  • Spot color printing. This is the most common type of design we print on
    garments. We can do up to five spot colors on dark garments, including white
    ink. On light colored garments, we have a maximum of six colors, depending on
    the difficulty of your design, a flash-cure may be required, which reduces the
    number of ink colors we could do down to five.
  • EACH COLOR we print for your job requires a new screen set-up which runs $15.00
    per color for each design.
  • RE-SETS for future re-orders are charged a $10.00 re-set fee to cover
    re-setting the design, preparing and cleaning, etc.
  • SIMULATED PROCESS: (MINIMUM 100 SHIRTS) is where we turn full-color realistic
    photos into a printable silk-screened design. Light and white color shirts work
    the best, but in some cases we can print on black using a white underlay and up
    to four other colors to reproduce your design. The results will be a good
    reproduction of the original, however will NOT print all the colors and details
    EXACTLY THE SAME as your original picture. Please allow three weeks production
    time for this type of design. A press check is required at the time of
    production, it is billed at $50.00 and you must approve in person or via email
    within one hour of the sample received or the job will be taken down and you
    will be billed for re-set $15.00 per color.
  • 50% deposit required on all orders.

Stock Ink Colors